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What is the reason and where should you wear your wedding ring?

What should you wear for the wedding and engagement rings prior to, during and even after the wedding ceremony? Here are the answers to all your questions, ranging from traditions and superstitions.

Try them out and discover your own! After explaining how to select the wedding ring proposal, here is a guide on how to wear them prior to, during and after the wedding ceremony, along with some questions about the history behind these beliefs and customs.

1. Where should you put the Couple Jewelry Sets

The wedding ring is to be worn on the finger of the ring because, according to an old belief, it is the vein that goes directly to the heart. This is a way to assign this ring the task of guiding emotions towards the heart and making sure that you are happy. In Italy, the ring is worn on the left hand. However in other nations like Spain and Greece it is worn right. It is believed that wearing a wedding ring prior to the wedding will bring bad luck to every country.

2. Where to wear the engagement ring

Are you more of a diamond or emerald green? Whichever stone you choose, remember to wear the engagement ring on your left hand until your wedding day. Change it to the left when you wake up of your momentous "Yes, I Do" for convenience. The engagement ring shouldn't be purchased with the wedding ring, since it can bring bad luck.

3. What happens following the wedding?

After the tragic day, the two diamonds symbolize of your unbreakable union, will revert back in a finger that is the ring on the left hand, with the exception of the five occasions where it is more appropriate to remove them.

Find the perfect ring by going to the nearest suppliers.

What better way to mark the engagement party than with official engagement greetings. Let's take a look at 40 of them, including the most beautiful and thrilling, which will best express your joy for this joyful occasion.

Let's begin this list of phrases for official engagement greetings with some of the classic phrases that are simple to use whether you're old friends, but also if you have recently met them as well as other famous ones. You can choose to make use of all the engagement words that are listed in the next section as they are, or take just a few words to add to your greeting card with a personalized dedication.

It does not matter if they're spoken or written or whether you use phrases for your wedding vows the most important thing is that the gesture is spontaneous and reflects your heart.

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